The Swan

How the swan came into my life and why he stays.

In 2016, at the end of a long inner journey and the beginning of something new, I came into contact with six New Zealand shamans and healers at a meeting. During a ceremony, the essence of “swan” touched me very deeply and I was filled with the elegance, beauty and grace that many people feel when they see a swan or especially a pair of swans. 

Too quickly we forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Too quickly we forget to take our inherent beauty for granted. We look at ourselves and others through the lens of external ideals. On the way back to our lost deep roots we experience and must learn to love who we really are. That our flaws are what make us beautiful. No mud, no lotus. And to start to change very gently in small steps to take care of the beautiful mother earth.

The swan as a power animal helped me to make a wonderful change and thereby gain more self-confidence and a more positive attitude towards life. The focus of this change is sincerity, which is especially important to the swan. Thus, he also illuminates all dark corners and takes away people’s fear. This was the hour of conception of BienanDanza as an uplifting dance, as a conscious dance of emotions and self-expression and transformation, and as a trauma-informed body happiness enterprise.

It was for me personally to step out of the feeling of being an ugly duckling, and to present myself proudly and sublimely like a swan to the world, and to show others how they can do the same.

With its white plumage, it invites purity and clarity so that we can advance to my true pure self. Deep in our innermost being dwells the pure immortal part of us and it is important to internalize this and not to stand against oneself and life, but to resonate with it and ride the waves of life. As a bird of the other world, it also brings us into contact with fairy tales, love and devotion.

With its help, I dive into the true power of my being, leaving behind everything that no longer corresponds to my innermost being. Conscious dance, magical storytelling and neurogenic shaking are my favorite transformational tools in this process. 

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is the motto that has accompanied me in my life since my early 20s. Staying in the comfort zone to not feel fear makes the comfort zone get smaller over the years. In order for our lives to accomplish the natural growth that our nature intended for us, I embrace fear again and again as a friend. Since then, every year I learn at least one new skill to add to my “medicine bag” as a competency. And along with the other skills, I weave all of these into an exciting field of exploration and learning in my workshops and practice sessions. 

These include “Therapeutic Wizardry” according to Annalisa Neumeyer.
Neurogenic Tremors and Somatic Integration inspired by Peter Levine’s “Somatic Experiencing” and David Bercelli’s “Trauma Release Exercises TRE”. 
Dancing Mindfulness according to Dr. Jamie Marich
BienanDanza is also inspired by Movement Medicine and Open Floor Conscious Dance practices.
At the Heidelberger Theaterakamdemie I am taking part in a training on “Choreography Today” to get techniques and impulses for my own dance practice and teaching from professional dancers. 

And here is a little mystical about the symbol of the swan: 

The Swan Priestesses of Bride and Isis. 

Swans are a symbol of the Goddess and were worshipped in the Northern Hemisphere in places like Denmark, where a burial site was discovered with a baby buried in a swan’s wing. The swan is a symbol of the female Christ. 

A lineage of womb space priestesses are swan girls and swan priestesses, which are only now returning to mass consciousness. The image of the black swan and the white swan joining as one represents the feminine currents in unity. The black swan flies when the moon is dark and the white swan flies when the moon is full.

extensively hundreds of years ago. By digging a womb-like hole in the ground and placing sacred offerings – including feathers, crystals, haircuts and menstrual blood – the power of the earth’s life force is harnessed for creative purposes. 

Swan feathers, crystal eggs and many other offerings were discovered in these womb-like pits dug into the earth near a river famous for its sacred healing waters.
Archaeologists who excavated the Saveock site have associated the ritual swan elements with the Celtic mother goddess, Bride or Brighid, who is often associated with wells, springs and the healing waters of the feminine. The site is famous for its healing waters, and local healers travel to the site to this day for the sacred waters. Excavation director Marie Jefferies says, “There seem to be several connections with Brigit to the Saveock pits. The swan, whose feathers were found in most of the pits, is dedicated to Brigit. So is the custom of offering eggs to her at times of harvest. . . . The Saveock site is next to a river, which is one of three connected rivers known as the Three Waters. All of this evidence seems to indicate that the pits have some sort of ritual quality. 5 The site at Saveock suggests the presence of swan priestesses in British prehistory.

Performance of womb rituals at sacred sites. Like the temple at Delphi, this site contains psychic pools-two sacred ritual pools were discovered in an oval formation with a birth canal leading to river water. The pools could have been used for initiation, prophecy or birth. Both pools mirror each other, with stone seats carved into the bottom for ritual purposes. Another famous sect of swan priestesses were the priestesses of Isis, who had temples in Egypt. Isis and her swan priestesses wore the magical “angelic” shaman swan wings, and this legacy was passed on to Mary Magdalene, Salome, and all the other “Marys” of biblical lore.

I was born to be a soul doula and swan priestess, a “Wayshower” on this planet in these times.