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Spiritual coaching in person or via online video call in German and in English
Safe & Sound Protocol – Polyvagal-Theory Applied
The Safe and Sound Protocol is an auditory intervention that helps with self-regulation, auditory sensitivities, social engagement, stress and other difficulties. It uses modulated music as a pathway to the vagus nerve and strengthens the middle ear muscles around the neurons, resulting in improved self-regulation and self-soothing.
Conscious Dance
More and more people are developing and refining their potential through moving meditations, self-expression and sweat. Under the inspired guidance of the BienanDanza EmbodiMentor, dancers of all shapes and sizes can be guided to listen to the connections between body and mind, explore feelings, express emotions, develop the body's own resources for living, and enjoy being in the present moment.
Firewalk of the Heart
What if calming your nervous system, altering discomfort and distress, and fostering balance is an inside job? What if - out of 99 problems in your life - 90 will dissolve once your nervous system has come out of flight/fight/freeze/fawn response? Being in a multi-dimensional body, unidimensional methods may not bring the result you are looking for.
Im Studio
Good Vibrations
A balanced nervous system provides you with the energy, resources and momentum to do what you are called to do in your life. With my method "Good Vibrations" you ignite your self-healing at the deepest level of your nervous system and your bones. Change the physiology with my expert help and the rest will take care of itself. Learn about and try emotional first aid and stress regulation based on.