Speak to me in a soft tone

Is there a phrase you often say to yourself?

Something like – Oh, I’m so stupid! Or maybe “If I were thinner”, criticizing your body, this beautiful animal that carries you through life? Or something like “I’m really too this, I’m too that”?

Would you allow anybody else to speak to your friends like this? Or to yourself?

On Wednesday evening I started reading in the book “Intelligent Cells” by Bruce Lipton, a biologist and cell researcher and he explains there what he has found out, scientifically sound and yet in simple words. Despite the well-known doctrine that our genes control us, this rigid opinion is not the whole truth. He writes, “The belief that we are failure-prone, biochemical machines controlled by our genes is giving way to the realization that we are powerful creators of our own lives and the world.”

It is said that in the beginning was the word. Not a sculpture, not a picture, not a mountain or breath or flower – and the Word was God.

What we automatically say to ourselves, the words we keep saying and repeating to ourselves, create our reality. What we believe deeply inside affects our behavior, our health, our well-being, and how we treat our children and see the world.

So what can we do about it?
For us to get new answers, it takes two things. First, we need to be comfortable with not knowing. Give yourself permission for something new, something you don’t know yet, to emerge.

Then, I invite you to find a phrase in the coming week that you automatically talk to yourself without it really inspiring or building you up. And then to interrupt it with a clear “stop”, preferably even with an appropriate hand movement. Possibly even to throw this sentence into the past, literally behind you. And I would be happy to read from you if you were able to track down such a sentence and if you once decided to stop it and if that makes a difference for you. And tell me about it!

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