Search and addiction have the same root

I have turned 54.

I have walked many paths in my life. Dived deep into the dark night of the soul and sought the way through.

In German, the word “Suche” and “Sucht” have the same root. I searched and searched a lot.

Hardly anything that I have not explored. And I mean explored. I also regularly wanted to know how it was possible to achieve altered states of consciousness without cigarettes, television, shopping, pot (and other substances), sex, religion, relationships, people-pleasing, sugar, chips, anger, self-pity, and avoidance.

My logic says what substitutes can do in my body is up to my receptors. I just need to find the natural (!) way to activate them in me.

On August 28, 2006, 5:30 p.m., I quit smoking.
The last TV left my house about 25 years ago. Books are much more my metier. (Netflix I watch on the PC after careful selection).
Depression has been off the list since 2013.Left the church 32 years ago. Spirituality doesn’t need religion.
Depression has been off the list since 2013.
Panic attacks came and went as well.
I shot off the last suicidal thought in 2006 with a finger gun and a resounding laugh (extend index finger, bend lower three fingers, thumb as trigger) and would do it again anytime.
Satisfied single with no co-dependencies for 9 years (with only a 1 month episode that showed me what I was no longer involved in).
Covid has supported me in not looking for the shopping thrill anymore.

A daily routine of meditation, detoxing, nutritious organic food, good chocolate, rest, a garden and FRIENDS and connections that nourish me is the result of my efforts. Diamonds are formed naturally by a lot of pressure over a long time. The cut brings out its inner fire to shine.

I am here.
I am grateful for my path, this winding road.
I forgive myself.
I am enough.
I am alive.
I thank all those who have accompanied me on my path, up to here and beyond.

Today I love to show other people what is already there, in their own bodies.

In Germany I am the first and so far the only EmbodiMentor.
What is EmbodiMentoring?

This new word, created by me, is a combination of the English word “embodiment” and the word “mentoring”.
Mentoring in the classical sense means that an experienced mentor passes on knowledge and lived experience to the mentee. For personal development, this means helping people to master current and future challenges, to reconnect contexts and to sail under a broader horizon. With an experienced pilot who joyfully accepts the stormiest challenges. Mentoring is knowing when to be a teacher, friend and supporter at the right time.

Scientists deal with the interaction of body, psyche and environment under the term “embodiment”. Based on the experience that everything we experience or witness is stored in our entire body, or cells, in addition to being stored in the cerebrum, so-called #bodyhacks (ref. lifehacks) offer quick and sustainable methods of regulation.

In the context of emotions stored in the body, we talk about somatic markers. Somatic markers can be, for example, muscle tensions, joint positions or even emotions associated with certain postures.

So our experiences and thoughts influence our body. With the polyvagal theory we have a wonderful opportunity to take interactions between body and mind and thus personal well-being quite simply into our own hands.

#self-healing #co-regulation #itmaybeeasy

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