” If you can feel it, you can change it.”

Experiences, sensations, feelings, ways of thinking, convictions, beliefs…in every human being they are unique and individually embodied. Scientists like the neuroscientist Damasio speak here of “somatic markers”. Thus, “body intelligence” represents a valuable storehouse of knowledge and competence, including that which lives in the unconscious and acts outward on a daily basis.


I am often asked about the influences behind my work in trauma recovery, especially by those considering learning with me.

Did you know.
I am not a psychotherapist.
I am not a psychologist.
I am not a counselor.

But I do have a deep understanding of the psyche and the body, both through my 30 years of study and through my own lived experience of trauma and recovery.

How do you start your day in the morning? Do you look forward to the day ahead and stretch and stretch with a releasing yawn?

Or are you uncertain, searching for direction and wondering about the meaning of your life?

Have you been unable to find an easy solution to physical or mental problems for a long time, or no solution at all?

When we assume we are reacting to a present circumstance, in reality 95% of the time it is a reliving of past emotional experiences.

Perhaps this is how it feels by now, as if you are having a hard time moving forward on your path, even though you know what you want?

Have you been through various therapies and treatments, but they have hardly been able to change your well-being and your complaints?

Then it is good that you have landed with me and that we meet.

Because “talking is not enough” an elementary goal is the expansion of your body-intelligent competences.

It can change your life.

Through years of practice and intensive studies I have become an expert in somatic integration and EmbodiMentor. I perceive complex relationships very quickly and work with all four levels of your body.

I work in the knowledge of the polyvagal theory and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system as well as the Indian philosophy according to which the human being consists of a total of 4 bodies. Besides the physical body there is the emotional, the karmic and the thought body. The physical body is studied by natural science and medicine and functions according to the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. The emotional body consists of the aura and the emotional life of people. It is where mental blockages, negative and positive energies are located. It is studied by psychology and psychosomatics and causes mental illness or mental health with high energy level (flow state).
The karmic body is the seat of individual destiny, which guides the path of a person based on his deeds and the karmic laws. This is where healers and shamans intervene to heal the soul.
The thinking body is built up by the mental premises and ideas of man. Positive conceptions create positive karma, negative conceptions create negative karma.

In this context, I draw on a variety of therapeutic, somatic and spiritual modalities, combine them in extraordinary ways and always strive to support you efficiently and sustainably.

It is my concern and pleasure to support you in such a way that the true cause of your problems becomes apparent.

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