Good Vibrations

“In times of lurching, the body is an anchor. In times of suspicion, the body is a source of wisdom. And in times of disconnection, the body is how we connect with ourselves, with each other, and with the planet.” ~ Mark Walsh

Learning to Trust your body - a Unique Approach

How about getting in touch with yourself for a moment and asking your body directly, “How are you doing in these challenging times?”

And then pause. And listen.

My own healing journey has made it clear: My body is an elephant. It remembers everything it has ever done or experienced. But exactly where the memories have been deposited is also where the key to resolution is.

Change the physiology with my expert help and the rest will take care of itself. Learn about and try emotional first aid and stress regulation based on the neurobiological workings of the nervous system.

I have tried for so many years to talk myself out of all sorts of things, but now I am allowing myself to drop the stories. I appreciate that the body doesn’t lie. And here in the body is the remedy that is innate to all mammals. Just think: how many times would you have to tell a cut how and in what order the wound should heal, and what cells the body should renew, how and in what way?

In a small circle we will connect 

live online and then explore the resources available in our own body, learn easy-to-apply bodyhacks, and the healing capacity of our body through experiencing and exploring innate vibrations, connecting interactions, self-empowerment, self-disruption of aura and fascia integration, sharing in a safe space and diving a little into the background and practical theory on the nervous system and also polyvagal theory.


There are natural remedies for stress and tension. Let me show you how to allow this.

A balanced nervous system provides you with the energy, resources and drive to do what you are called to do in your life. With this method, you ignite your self-healing at the deepest levels – the level of your nervous system and bones, as well as your aura.

In 1921, a German physiologist named Otto Loewi discovered that stimulation of the vagus nerve causes a decrease in heart rate by triggering the release of a substance he coined “vagus substance.” The “vagus substance” was later identified as acetylcholine and was the first neurotransmitter ever identified by scientists.

Vagus substance (acetylcholine) is like a sedative that you can administer to yourself. Simple body hacks accomplish this in less than a minute. Consciously tapping into the power of your vagus nerve can create a state of inner calm while curbing your inflammatory reflex. Healthy vagal tone is part of a feedback loop associated with positive emotions.

What we do every day defines our lives. In addition to eating, sleeping, working and exercising, how about establishing an effective self-healing routine? Which is clearly worthwhile – and at the same time an exciting journey to yourself. Would you like to go on this journey?

Building resilience, which means in concrete terms: recognizin

In your own home

g stress levels and counteracting them in a targeted manner. Being able to calm down again. To naturally discharge adrenaline and cortisol in the body. Finding gratitude and more life satisfaction. To face life with confidence. To reduce fears, to develop perspectives. To widen the personal tolerance window bit by bit. To remain able to act – or to become able to act again. Learning to feel yourself again – physically, mentally, emotionally and restore homoostasis quickly, in-depth.

The good vibrations we are talking about here are built on and contain the essence of several quite different modalities. Through this we work together on several levels: Body and Nervous System. Intellect and insight. Consciousness and perception.

Inspiration comes from TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises), the insights of my teacher Paul Linden in Embodiment Training for Love and Self Empowerment, the Polyvagal Theory of Dr. Stephen Porges, Fascia Integration (FIT) according to Dr. Kermani, Cologne, as well as my training as a certified resilience trainer, and Spiritual Coach.


What you’ll learn:

With these powerful tools of your body for self-regulation and self-healing, you hold the key to different ways of grounding, centering and regulating your nervous system. You know your individual ability to come back to the here and now if you experience intense emotions/reactions during/after the Good Vibrations, but also for all other situations in life.

The nervous system, your bodyguard.
Different states of trauma, why they get stuck in our bodies and why it is so important to let them go.
How to recognize signs of overwhelm, dissociation, flooding.
Polyvagal theory in a nutshell & more …

What are Good Vibrations?

Good Vibrations – these are light body exercises and polyvagal-informed bodyhacks that gently release stress, anxiety, tension and body aches.
Good Vibrations – initiates and promotes the body’s ability to self-regulate in dealing with stress, anxiety, tension and pain, thought circles.
Good Vibrations – a simple and effective relaxation method – an effective help for self-help.
Good Vibrations – new connections with people who are open enough to look at themselves.
Good Vibrations – in the integration phase, with your allowance, I cleanse the auric field of the participants to create additional relief and lightness.

This unusual, simple method turns stress and tension relief into something playful!

Have you ever had symptoms like:
* “participation” in an accident or depression.
* Experienced a lock-down with unresolved anxiety or persistent feelings of anger or helplessness.
* Have you had surgery
* Pain and tension
* Nervous restlessness or anxiety
* Sitting activity

Important Note: By participating, you agree to take full responsibility for your own physical and mental health at all times. Learn more

It is amazing how the body stores emotions and creates a neural network for our protection without informing “the whole”, i.e. the consciousness. Maybe our idea of separateness is based on this fact?

The likely benefits of body intelligent body vibration and fascia integration.

* Increased self-regulation ability
* Improved sleep
* Release of tight muscles and fascia
* Resetting the nervous system from fight-or-flight reflexes to self-healing and restoring calmness
* Improved digestion
* Less anger or agitation
* Calms the self
* Improved social engagement
* No re-traumatization – No stories – Improved cognitive thinking.

Get a free consultation now! Through the experience directly in your own home, you save a lot of time and money! The opportunity to quickly and safely learn not only a proven method, but also easy to learn BodyHacks that support you in everyday life. Book now and quickly feel the effect.

Booking Conditions

$ 425 / 6 Weeks
Duration 60 - 90 min each session
  • 6+ hours of live interactive video calls led by a professionally trained, experienced embodiment practitioner!
  • Interactive practices to learn the Good Vibrations and how to adapt it to your circumstances.
  • Customized resources & tools shared with you after each session
  • Practice sessions to learn how to apply all the principles yourself
  • Sharing circle about our experiences
  • Final integration time with auric field cleaning
  • Next Opportunities: February and April, On Sundays 1 pm 6

Main Principles of Good Vibrations