Giving back

What you heal within yourself, you heal for your whole family line

My decision not to have children of my own, but to dedicate my life to healing, means that I am free to choose which children I support. For a long time, I have found joy in being a supporter of three children within their communities through my contribution. In addition, as a media online mentor, I support children in a children’s home in Berlin financially and with my time to better navigate digital challenges.

At the Childfund children’s charity, I have been able to help three children for more than 20 years already, keeping these children healthy and giving them prospects for the future. The communities receive help to help themselves where they live and do not have to leave their homes.

Richly blessed by living in a country with social security, peace, central heating, double-glazed windows, and so much more, I am grateful for all that I have overcome in my life. I wish it for all the children of the world.