There are people whose high level of integrity accompanies me on my path and allows me to grow. And to whom I am grateful for their courage to live their heart’s business. For this reason, I like to give recommendations here for people whose authenticity I have learned to trust in how they are qualified to accompany others on their journey.

Of course, even though their work has supported me on my journey, that doesn’t mean they are right for you.

Dirk Johannsen

Body knowledge and trauma therapy in a wonderful simplicity, whether as a walk in the beautiful Bad Nauheim, secure in his practice or online via Zoom. Dirk sees and understands the language of the body that we have silenced.
His impulses allow a new inner and outer attitude.

Maria-Luisa Räuber-Heckner

Maria-Luisa surprises me every time with her deep wisdom and the love she uses as working forces in her work.

Miracles are nothing unusual for Maria-Luisa, even if extraordinary. She sees the special, combines knowledge and techniques from over 30 years of healing work.

Angelika Teuschler

Angelika’s intimate love for Mother Earth and her creatures lets her put together wonderful herbal walks and Qi-Gong exercise classes in the great outdoors at magnificent energy sites. She is an incredibly delicate soul, a friend of people and priestess of the new age.


Annalisa Neumeyer

Her kindness and the way she brings magic into the world and creates a special spell convinced me that there should be more ease and connection in the world. She not only works with the Tooth Fairy, but bridges the almost unbridgeable in relationships that seem to have lost all magic and teenagers who seem stuck inside.


Sigrun Saunderson

Sigrun is a smart, far-sighted woman who weaves a web with her clean questions from which the essence of what you need right now can fall into your open hands. She serves with her skillful, prudent manner, which really does not condemn any topic, no matter how delicate, does not resent any dead end on your way, to reach together with you, your goal.