Firewalk of the Heart

In 2022, we will embark on a 6 months’ journey to bring light to one of the darkest places on earth for many.

What if journeying to bring light is much easier if you have good company? What if coming home to your body is the most interesting journey there is and

What if the longest journey of all, that from your head to your heart, can become the adventure of a lifetime? 

During our 6 months’ journey together, we will meet in person on zoom and practice and explore a fine-spun net of self-healing modalities from different parts of the world, to inspire you take full ability to respond to life = full response-ability. 

Meet the beauty in your experiences, experience the wonder, wonder why. 

And come home. To BEing hUman in a Body with innate capacity heal and transform.

Life is like a spiral, bringing you all the same experiences on different levels, letting you explore ups and downs through different stages until we are back and we are one. You are one. I am one. We are one. Dichotomies and simple complexities make life so much deeper and if why does not make you crazy, why is the deepest question you can ask. Why? Find out!

Count me in for more information as it becomes available

I want to know more and want to apply for the multi-dimensional journey through BEing hUman.

What if calming your nervous system, altering discomfort and distress, and fostering balance is an inside job changes how you perceive life and gives grows your capability to encounter stressors with ease?
What if – out of 99 problems in your life – 90 will dissolve once your nervous system has come out of flight/fight/freeze/fawn response?
Being in a multi-dimensional body, unidimensional methods may not bring the result you are looking for.
In this 6 months live and online workshop, you will learn a new language: the language of your body. It speaks in pain and sensations. The power of embodied integration, in connection with latest Neuroscience will bring you more re-connection, release and new sensations you were not aware of being possible.
This workshop is not for the Faint of Heart. To do a firewalk, you need to prepare body mind soul and change some of your believes to allow transformation to take place effortlessly – as nature intended. We have to get out of our own way, must not believe everything we think and become curios about ourselves again. Neuroscience, Neurogenic somatics, practices and rituals as well as music supported interventions will guide you on your new path,
The self-healing capacity and raised awareness to the language of your body and soul will transform how you view life and your body as well. Grow your capability to show up centered, ready to listen to and inspire the people around you – instead of walking around with frazzled energy.

You will understand what self-care really is.
It’s not a yoga class once a week. It’s not special bonus one day off for mental health.

It’s learning to listen and respond to your body and soul.

It’s allowing family, teams and cultures to hold space when we need to take a breather, we can name our distress and no-one puckers their face… we’re accepted and our experiences are normalized.

You will learn that your physical body has an innate wisdom that supports life in ist own ways.