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Corinna F.N. Bornhorst

Embodiment - Practice for Somatic Integration

The body has its own mind, but not its own nervous system. Come home to your body and feel great in your own skin again. I am your EmbodiMentor with a suitcase full of #bodyhacks #spirithacks. Let yourself be enchanted by the intelligence of your own body and the wisdom of your soul. I will be at your side.

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In Person or via online video call in German and in English
Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations
A balanced nervous system provides you with the energy, resources and momentum to do what you are called to do in your life. With my method "Good Vibrations" you ignite your self-healing at the deepest level of your nervous system and your bones. Change the physiology with my expert help and the rest will take care of itself. Learn about and try emotional first aid.
Conscious Dance
Conscious Dance
More and more people are developing and refining their potential through moving meditations, self-expression and sweat. Under the inspired guidance of the BienanDanza EmbodiMentor, dancers of all shapes and sizes can be guided to listen to the connections between body and mind, explore feelings, express emotions, develop the body's own resources for living, and enjoy being in the present moment.

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I Am Always Ready For A Challenge.

Our goal is to help our customers be satisfied and solve problems when leaving, we are not seeking profits that we want to share, sympathize, help you solve your worries and troubles. This sleek metallic tower stands out from surrounding buildings, and is set to transform.

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My pricing model is based on your financial capabilities.Prices stated are regular. If you love to support others, feel free to add 15 to 25% suspended service. If you need a discount, please talk to me.

Professional accompaniment

I am experienced in presence and online, connecting and combining learned body-mind methods and intuition with your truth-telling reality.

Years of experience

In order to put my medial abilities and the acquired somatic and resilience-building tools of the last 31 years into the service of self-awareness and healing of other people, I will continue to educate myself steadily in 2021.


My workshops and individual appointments support you during the week and on weekends. In a rented workshop room, or in my practice in Mannheim, as well as comfortably from your home via internet telephony (Zoom).


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My Prices

Pricing Table

You can find more regular prices and offers from me under the menu item "Services". The prices for supporters and temporarily financially disadvantaged people are 15% - 25% above/below the regular price.
SSP for Therapist
185 / 6 Individual appointments
Duration per individual appointment approx. 75 to 90 min
  • The Safe and Sound Protocol is a 5-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while increasing social engagement and resilience, thereby increasing the success rate of other treatment modalities. It can also be used as a stand-alone intervention for specific problems after evaluation. It uses modulated music as a pathway to the vagus nerve and strengthens the middle ear muscles around the neurons, resulting in improved self-regulation and self-soothing.
Good Vibrations - Compact Online Presence Workshop
135 / 4 Weeks
Duration 60 - 90 min
  • 6+ hours of live interactive video calls led by a professionally trained, experienced embodiment practitioner!
  • Interactive presentations to learn the Good Vibrations variety in its basics and how to adapt it to your circumstances.
  • Customized resources & tools shared with you after each session
  • Practice sessions to learn how to apply all the principles yourself
  • Exchange with each other so that you can meet and exchange with other brave souls on your self-healing journey
  • Final integration (=consolidation of the knowledge in order to apply what has been learned in everyday life)
Individual appointments
75 / 1 full time hour
Online and in my practice this is the regular price for 1 person.
  • Whether you want to experience how a HealingMedium works, to hear what stories are stored energetically in your body, or to find your own dance. Whether you are seeking healing in dance or in connection with your ancestors: Contact me to create your individual session.
  • My offer is independent of any worldview and religion. However, it presupposes the view that there is more than what we perceive in our everyday life.

I am not a therapist/ psychotherapist. My consultations are not a substitute for psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment. I work with people who are interested in self and further development.

Book a session with me today and start to change your life the way it suits you.