About me

Year of manufacture 1967

Corinna Faith Natalie Bornhorst

Certified Spiritual Coach, SSP certified, Consciousness Trainer,
Intuitive Medium, Self-Healer, Alchemist, Movement Educator, Workshop Leader

Bienandanza is a grab bag: the word is composed of the words Bien – the Spanish word for “right” or “fine” and the word Andanza – the Spanish word for synchronicity and is translated as “on the path to bliss” or simply “bliss”.

Bienandanza is your personal path, a path to bliss, which is sometimes a surprising path to self-awareness through the power of one’s own subconscious and inner connection with the forces of heaven, one’s own spiritual guidance and the earth, means a sometimes surprising path to self-knowledge and self-healing in the body. So that this takes place in your body and not only in your imagination or fantasy let us embody your dreams.

Why the swan chose to be my spirit animal and made its way as my logo, I wrote down here

Biography & Experience

In the spiritual coach, the potentials of mediumship, pragmatic body-knowledge and cosmic healing energies merge. As I strive to support people in consciously embodying their soul and gifts in their body as it is your will learn to understand the interconnectedness of the nervous system, body, and trauma, and the far-reaching healing resources that reside within our bodies themselves.

Stephen Porges’ work has influenced my work with clients as much as anything else. My exploration and application of Polyvagal Theory to help clients change unwanted behavior patterns feels like a magic bullet.

I wish more coaches and psychotherapists knew about his work and equally knew how to apply it.

In my vocation, I am clairsentient and clairvoyant, as well as empathic. I feel – explicitly only with your permission – into the energy fields of my clients and perceive disturbances and blockages. For the highest good of all, I may dissolve the disturbance fields, traumas, etc. according to the client’s permission up to the point of origin. At the same time, I receive individual healing messages and inspirations. Each client experiences a very individual session. In my experience, it is always about their individual path – from hope- to their trust- to their certainty of wholeness.

With the help of the spiritual world it is possible to quickly get to the cause of the challenge (illness, grief, fears, life crises) and to dissolve the blockages together with you. This results in more freedom, often great gratitude and inner joy. People react more and more calmly in their everyday life. Difficult things become easy.

I do not believe in coincidences. All issues are opportunities for growth and serve the development of consciousness, self-reflexion and personal evolution; step by step.

Life is our teacher and so crisis situations are an invitation to pause, to look, to feel everything, to shape and understand one’s own further development. Shell by shell, skin by skin, like a caterpillar that does not yet know with which colors it will contribute to life as a butterfly.

My soul plan and related soul contracts with many different arse angels revealed themselves more and more as my treasure chest – through the recognition of what is and as a result of courageous healing of deep traumas and recovery from decades of painful illness.

In order to put my clairsentience, clairvoyance and acquired somatic and spiritual tools of the last 31 years in the service of self-awareness and healing of others, I trained as a spiritual coach and medium. In 2020, training in therapeutic magic according to Annalisa Neumeyer, and educational work were added.

Un-development is possible in harmony with the inner truth and guidance by a Higher Intelligence, which lovingly accompanies us and is freely available.

Alchemy that makes the path of others through my guidance through life easier and more colorful. Like a mountain guide I go into the interior of human landscapes, sometimes passing the mind. Because feeling is deeper than understanding. Our “skeletons in the closet” are usually our own abandoned parts or ancestral parts, which we may call back into our present life as harvest and inner wealth.

I would be happy to accompany you in this process.

As a lifelong learner I have been working for 30 years, first with cognitive consciousness expansion and its manifold methods. Life change, however, is grace and personal work with the body. What we live every day is our life.


Training as a spiritual coach and medium and combining this with somatic training

In order to put my clairsentience, my clairvoyance and the acquired somatic and spiritual tools of the last 28 years in service of self-awareness and healing of other people, I have trained as a spiritual coach and medium.

Since 2011, when I finally started to apply Neurogenic Tremors for my own healing capacity and a radical change in diet with the 2 year Gerson-Therapy in 2015, I more and more felt how my body loves to be supported by healing itself. We have this innate capacity. 

2018: Trainings

Open Floor Ground Lab
Movement Medicine (Conscious Dance) Workshop Organisation Intern

2019: Trainings

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator (USA)
Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator (Dr. Jamie Marich, USA)
Introduction to Dance as Therapy Trainig (New York, 92Y)

2020: Trainings

Therapeutic magic according to Annalisa Neumeyer and training work
Basics of systemic settings and Somatic Experiencing
SSP Facilitator

2021: Trainings

Bodynamics Foundations - Somatic Developmental Psychology