Bienan­Danza - unterwegs zur Glückseligkeit


Bienandanzis the Spanish word for bliss

This dance is your gift to yourself. It is like recreation time. Music deeply felt within your soul.

Intuitive Dance, or conscious dance, encourages you and allows you to explore your own inner realms. No need to learn any steps or follow our mind. We experience how to give space to our movements. Grow an awareness to our micro-movements and explore our moving bodies.  

Our mind only knows either-or, by moving our body, we are able to hold all of it.  We will playfully allow insights into the nature of being human, giving rest to human doing. In contact with self and body.  More easily accessing your own, unknown or left-behind potentials. And it is not just about dancing. It may be stretching,  sprawling, play-fight, improvise, alone or in connection with others, right in the heart of Mannheim, Neckarstadt on the elastic mats of the Aikido-Dojo. Jumping, hopping, dancing, playfully swaying, slower, faster, in silence; Smoothly inspired by the trainers and your own sensations. Embracing all that is in the present moment.

Embracing your questions through movement, allowing everything to be right there, to evolve silently, soundly developing from deep inside; not pushed or accelerated, being in motion, finding your feet, grounding.