Bienan­Danza - unterwegs zur Glückseligkeit


Corinna Faith Natalie Bornhorst



Somatherapist. EmbodiMentor.

Expert for Body Bliss.
Resilience trainer.
Trauma-informed by experience. 


I do not believe in coincidences.  All issues are opportunities for growth and serve the unfolding of consciousness, self-reflection and further development, step by step.

Life is our teacher and so crises situations are an invitation to pause, to reflect, to learn to understand, to create personal evolution in a vital way.
"Bolder than to explore the unknown can be to question the known." This saying was coined by Alexander von Humboldt and this realisation guided me for several years to steer my existence in new directions through trial and error. I spent two to five years at a time investigating what happens when I assume how "This is incurable" changes by replacing that belief with, "What if I understand this disease as a path?" Also the phrase: "Be grateful in all things!" has caused me to begin an intense pursuit of the truth of this statement. What exactly happens when I am grateful in all things? 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. For 2 years! It is easy with the encounters that bring us joy. It becomes challenging with things that hurt, or even seem unacceptable. How often do we struggle with our own reality and too often believe what we think. That cannot be. It is what it is, says acceptance, an important pillar of my resilience.

In this life, since June 1967, in a home full of music, literature and dance, and equally traumatic as well as emotional and physical abuse experiences, I have been able to draw from these depths and build on them. Sustained faith and connection with the higher intelligence of a loving universe, I crawled out each time strengthened from existential pits. Part of us has to die, mostly our illusions about ourselves, to enter a reality that is bigger and more alive. The chick cannot hatch unless its eggshell world has been destroyed. It is not the beautiful childhood that is the basis for living a good life, 

Embodiment workshops are my passion. Get out of your head, into your body. Reconnecting body and mind, coming home to the body, connecting to our inherent wisdom, tapping into our own resources and self-healing power. 

"Corinna - where did you actually learn to draw from such great depth?"
To be honest, I have taught myself most of it over the last decade or absorbed it from other therapists and embodiment trainers of long standing.

In many types of body/energy work, clients often experience a deep sense of being fully present in the body and unusually relaxed in the mind. But at a certain point in a session, we can also bring them into contact with parts of themselves that they have long avoided or been unaware of. In an instant, the client's nervous system goes into alert mode or freeze frame mode; they may pull their hand away from your touch, tense up physically or shut down emotionally. Porges' groundbreaking research into the multiple roles of the vagus nerve suggests how closely these seemingly opposing parts of the nervous system may be connected. 

As a lifelong learner, I have been involved for 30 years, first with cognitive awareness and its many methods. Life-changing, however, is grace and personal work with the body. Change and curiosity are only possible when we feel safe. What we live every day is our life. 

Our physical evolution has been more or less complete for 20,000 years. Even the Neanderthals possessed the physical abilities that are available to us modern humans today. I am concerned with authentic, personal truths, allowing and expanding. Keys that can lead to the evolution of our heart and soul. Gladly with ease.

 Bienandanz is a marvel bag: the word is composed of the words Bien - the Spanish word for "right" or "fine" and the word Andanza - the Spanish word for synchronicity and translates as "on the path to bliss" or simply "bliss".

Bienandanzstands for a very personal path, the path to bliss, which is a sometimes surprising journey to self-knowledge and healing through the power of your own subconscious and the inner connection with the forces of heaven, your own spiritual guidance and the earth. So that this takes place in your body and not only in your imagination or fantasy, let us embody your dreams.