Bienan­Danza - unterwegs zur Glückseligkeit

Corinna Faith Natalie Bornhorst


Dancer. Creative. Healing Medium. Resilience-informed Trainer. Life-Long Learner.  Traveler through inside, upper, lower and outside worlds.

I do not believe in luck. All topics are an offer to grow and serve the unfolding of our awareness and humane evolution. 

Couple of years ago, I thought about what would I regret, when I am due to leave this planet and leave my body. In a split second it was clear to me: Not enough dance.

Out of this, returning to my dance practice, after years of studying conscious dance of various faculties and somatic practices for embodied peace-making,  I birthed "Bienandanza" which is the Spanish word for "on the path to bliss", or simply Bliss. These heart-centered practices open up a sacred space for exploration of the qualities of your body and heart. 

The evolution of our bodies has been completed for 20.000 years. More or less. The people in Neanderthal were capable of just the same bodily abilities as we are today. In these times, we face the opportunity to consciously evolve our hearts.

This requires a safe space within and around us. 

More than 30 years ago I started on a healing journey that comprised  introspective & self-reflective deep dives into the truth of the soul and the body. More and more truth sets us free to clean up or clear out anything in the body/field that is not serving our highest Good. Daily meditation  practice since 2005 roots me ever deeper into my truth.

Life is our teacher. Crises are invitations to stop and observe, to increase understanding, grow and change. All the better with some intuitive movement and work-in. 

A certified translator, certified Spiritual Coach, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator and trained in somatic practices of various modalities, Bienandanza is my baby, born after years of exploring all kinds of practices, at first cognitively and then through the body, be it nutrition, meditation, yoga, conscious Dance, Somatic Education of various schools and urban shamanism.

On a part-time basis, I have worked in an IT company for 25 years.